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I can’t remember where I saved a file.  How can I find it?

Go to your Start bar. Under Programs, choose Find. Under the Find menu, choose Files or Folders. If you know the name of the file, type name of the file, including the extension, in the box beside “Named.” Make sure you choose the C: drive or the drive on which you saved the file. If you don’t remember what drive, you can select the “My Computer” option from the “Look in” drop down menu. Click on the Find Now button. The computer will scan the hard drive and locate the file for you. If you can’t remember what the file is named, you can enter a line of text you know is in the document in the box that says “Containing Text.” The other most popular way to look for a file is by using the Date tab on this same screen. You can enter date ranges for when the file was last modified, created or last accessed.

Someone sent me a file with a “zip” extension.  How do I open it?

That file is a zipped file.  A zipped file is a file that may contain several files which have been compressed and stored as one file.  Unless you have the program called “WinZip”, you won’t be able to open the files.  If you go to, you can download the program according to what operating system you have.  If you have Windows 98, download the version of WinZip for that operating system, etc.  Once you have downloaded the file, locate the file and double click it.  This will install the program onto your hard drive.  It will also place the WinZip program on your start bar, above the Programs menu.  Now, any time you need to open a file with a “zip” extension, WinZip will walk you through extracting the file(s).

What are the F1, F2, etc. keys used for?

These keys are called function keys and are located above the numeric portion of a keyboard, usually with the assigned names of “F1” through “F12”. These keys are general purpose keys which are usually used by programmers to run macros or other functions.  On some older keyboards or even new programmable keyboards, there can be as many as 24 function keys.  Many programs like Microsoft Word allot the “F1” key to access the Help program.  Function keys may also be used to access the BIOS of the PC as it starts up.  However, which key is used depends on the manufacturer of the motherboard and the BIOS.

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